Save Money with a New Boiler

Save Money with a New Boiler

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

Energy prices are set to increase later this year, but it is really possible to save up to 40% a year on your current heating bill by replacing your old boiler with a new modern condensing boiler? Old boilers are less efficient than the new ones, and since April 2007, modern high efficiency boilers have had to been installed instead of the old ones.

An ‘A’ rated boiler can effectively cut down on your bill. They do this because they efficiently convert 90% of the fuel into heat, compared to only 60% in the old boilers. The new design of the boilers allows them to do this, by condensing the water. They also have an extra heat exchange which captures any waste energy in the form of gases and converts it back into the energy that can be used. In the old boilers, these gases would have been expelled out of the boiler and into the air outside via the chimney. Boilers also develop inefficiencies as time passes.

There are three types of the new modern boilers that can be installed; a combi, system or an open vent boiler. This is so that every household can be installed with a new boiler regardless of which system they had previously. The factor that influences which boiler needs to be installed is the size of the house and the number of bathrooms that you have. A standard 2 to 3 bedroom house with a single bathroom, a condensing combi boiler is suggested to be the best suited for the needs of your household. A house with more bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms in addition to the main bathroom, a system boiler or an open vent boiler is suggested as best. In both circumstances, and either way, you will be saving money at the end of the day.

However, simply changing your boiler to a modern boiler doesn’t mean that you cannot do more to cut down the costs and your heating bill. Turning on the heating a month later at the end of summer, such as in November instead of October, has been found to give significant savings. In addition to this, by turning down your boiler by only a few degrees can have a dramatic effect on your bill. Insulation, especially in the attic, can help cut down your bills by not letting the heat escape. As hot air rises, attics that are not insulated properly will allow it to escape and waste both heat and money.

Cutting down C02 emissions is a key role in helping the planet and reversing the Greenhouse Effect. By replacing your old boilers, you will be cutting down on the emissions and in effect, saving the planet, in addition to cutting down your bills and saving your money.

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