Why a Combination Boiler Is Your Best Option

Why a Combination Boiler Is Your Best Option

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

Combi boilers are highly efficient and take up less space in homes. These are just two of the reasons that combi boilers are greatly used in new boiler installations across the United Kingdom.

Having a combi boiler installed in homes offers a variety of benefits. Today, it can be said that these kinds of boilers are superior to any other boilers for a number of reasons. Firstly, they consume much less energy in comparison to other heating systems due to the fact they heat water directly from the mains. Although the flow of water is constant, the pressure might not be that high because it utilizes the pressure from the mains, but they have no rival for continuity as well as not needing a cylinder for storage.As a result, energy usage is much lower which has led to costs being cut by a significant margin.
The condensing boiler has the ability to heat a large amount of water. It heats up to 18 litres of water in a minute and this guarantees a constant flow of hot water from all the taps in the house or building. This is one of the critical features which have been witnessed by very few in the same field. These characteristics are what have made the boiler incredibly popular as the most important thing all homes should have particularly during the winter season.

This condensing boiler is well suited for domestic use, as it is small and compact making it easy to fit into small spaces making it very popular with all players and real estate. It is also cheap to install and maintain. Companies are now looking to help ensure those who live in rural settings can enjoy the benefits of the combi boiler.
One of the many key qualities of combi boilers that make them superior to other boilers is that they are straightforward to run. Importantly, combi boilers have thermostat controls which provide protection from dramatic fluctuations in water temperature whilst someone is using the shower.

Another issue to bear in mind is that if you don’t have adequate roof space for installing another boiler or if you are looking to utilize that space in another way, then installing a condensing boiler is the best option for you. All the benefits of condensing boilers have secured them the rating of ‘A’. Essentially, they are the best in its class and as full scale production begins they are likely to remain in this position.

Attention should be paid to fact that the combi boiler has set an impressive record never seen before in its field and has worked hard to make the world a much greener and sustainable place to live in. As a result of these efforts combi boilers release insignificant amounts of carbon gases in comparison to older models of boilers and heaters. Rival manufacturers are now trying to employ greener practices in their design due to the example set by the combi boiler.

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